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Our full site will go live on Thursday May 17th, 2018!  Stay tuned for exciting updates and contests!


Our number one goal is to bridge the gap between Producers connecting with their competitors.  We offer a full line of services, including our new SMS text out module, Calendar, Affordable Online Entries and Easy to use, powerful software.

The Calendar

This Calendar has it all and is 100% free to EVERYONE!  No more trying to rely on facebook to find and promote your event.  We offer a text out service which will guarantee to get your event on the phone of interested people!  Our Calendar will go live officially on Thursday May 10th!

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Online Entries

Save yourself the headache and hassle of retyping entries.  Both producer and competitor receive an instant confirmation and details of entry.  Very reasonable rates (80% lower than the competition) and 100% customisation for producers!

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Outgoing Text Messages

Tired of posting on facebook and not knowing how many people have seen your post?  Paying good money for advertisements in magazines and printed publications and not getting the results you want?  Try our targeted out going text message service!

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On Demand Results & Webcasts

Using our partner company Intervaltiming.com we have created exciting on demand results software.  Live leaderboard at the event and online.  On demand texting capabilities, Pedigree printouts, draws, preferences, unlimited carry overs for run times into sidepots and other events all at an affordable price.

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